Pequeña actualización por parte de Reiza Studios que da solución a varios problemas vigentes desde la pasada update del mes de Junio en su simulador Automobilista, tales como el reajuste de los niveles de control de tracción o bugs como el que sufrían las suspensiones de algunos coches bajo máximo trabajo.

Adjuntamos changelog completo:

  • Fixed bug leading to AI cars refuelling during pitstops in series in which they are not supposed to
  • Added AIqualLapsperRun parameter to HDV files defining how many laps AI is supposed to run in qualifying
  • Fixed errors with some Steam Achievements (please note Achievements will be reset as a result)
  • Fixed bug with helper springs which could lead to some odd behaviour under max suspension deflection
  • Fixed bug preventing player from fixing car damage in pitstop
  • Added extra «Force Lan» & «Seconds to autoload» parameters to multiplayer.ini to facilitate flow in a LAN session
  • Adjusted traction control driving aid levels for most cars
  • Small aero tweaks to StockV8, Montana, Metalmoro (slightly less yaw drop-off
  • Corrected Montreal 1988 pit speed in practice sessions
  • Fixed missing dust smoke at Ascurra
  • F-Ultimate: Adjusted driver helmet height

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