Apenas diez días del nuevo año, y ya tenemos la primera actualización para Automobilista, en este caso se trata de una serie de pequeños fixes para algunos problemas identificados en la última versión 1.2.0.

Resultado de imagen de automobilista ultima

Os mostramos el changelog completo publicado por Renato Simioni en los foros de Reiza:

Main changelog for v1.2.1:
Fixed various sound effect issues introduced in last build & fine tuned volume balancing of several effects in various cars
Development of fog in shaders – fog density and distance now varies based on if user is looking at the sun or not
Adjusted surface properties for all dirt tracks to minimize issues with FFB rattling
Goiania: Fixed Short FTruck crash; minor texture updates
Cadwell Park: Fixed terrain issue in upper park
Removed exhaust smoke entries from FC Truck which had been accidentaly left in (will be added back when effects are finalized)
Combined all F-Truck into the same class for VX classifications & split F-Dirt from Lancer X for the same purpose
Karts: Added auto-clutch for direct drive karts; Adjusted tire slip curves; Callibrated AI for all kart series for better performance & hopefully fixed issue with karts occasionally tumbling over curbs
Ultima GTR: Revised undertray aero for all versions & minor tire tweaks
F-3: Minor tire adjustments
F-Dirt: Revised tire model; Added community drivers; Fixed TV cameras


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