Ya es oficial, el circuito de Zandvoort albergará el GP de Holanda de F1 en 2020. 35 años después de la última edición disputada en 1985, la F1 vuelve al circuito diseñado por John Hugenholtz. Studio 397 aprovecha la coyuntura para lanzar una actualización de su versión del trazado tulipán.

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Zandvoort V1.02 Update Notes:

  • Track is updated to 2019 configuration, changes:
  • Tweaked asphalt texture & shaders, structure more visible, less blurry in the distance.
  • Pitlane Coloured striping on less blurry when far away.
  • Tweaked offroad dust and tiresmoke coming from the car, should look more natural, bit less pixelated.
  • Collision outerwall altered slightly, so you can drive around the full support sandroad, but only can enter the track from the pitlane.
  • Smoothed braking zone (washboard effect) before Tarzanconer.
  • Reworked grass/dirt/curbstone masking, for better of connection of different textures.
  • Added 2nd skidmark layer for a more lively road appearance.
  • Tweaked skidmark spec and normals, rubber shines more than the track at low light angles.
  • Many (too) white objects lowered tone a bit, so less overexposure at low sun positions.
  • Many objects tone changed slightly for better appereance.
  • Tirewall texturing redone.
  • Start-finish bridge, better bump/spec maps, added cube shader.
  • RedBull-arch at pitlane entry, 3d model redone, better texture and normal/spec maps.
  • Racecontrol-tower texturing added better bump/spec maps.
  • Pitlane building texture and shader upgrades, fixed to bright reflections of cubemaps in windows.
  • Crowds, added a lot more and different amounts for all track states and layouts.
  • Added pit entrance/exit/keep out signs.
  • Changed max pit speed to 60km.
  • Paddock and infield have more diverse objects and better positioned.
  • Added rF2 flags last part of main straight.
  • Added new Paddock Club building at inside Tarzan corner.
  • Tarzan exit ribbed-curb now real 3D, texturing upgraded.
  • Trackside banners better bump/spec maps, added cube shader.
  • Added buildings, a whole town of Zandvoort and the Centerparks bungolowpark for more accurate horizon view (low poly don’t worry).
  • Reworked trees and treelines at horizon.
  • Bigblue crane now only shows up in qualy-race, less bright reflections in window.
  • Bricks next to curbsstones have better mappings and normalmap shaders.
  • Clubhouse at Scheivlak fixed too bright cubemap, added normalmap shaders.
  • Paddock buildings, added cubemap and normalmap shaders.
  • Restaurant fixed too bright cubemap, added normalmap shaders.
  • Tunnel under mainstraight added banner above.
  • Concrete plates above tunnel on straight new texture and shaders.
  • Toilets, added normalmap shaders fixed to bright cubemap on windows.
  • New disabled people stand next to main grandstand.
  • Removable guardrail (splits the layouts) better textured.
  • Radar tower now at correct position.
  • Optimized objects and lod’s for better performance.

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