Vuelven a la carga los chicos de Sector 3 Studios, una nueva actualización para Race Room Racing Experience cargada de fixes y mejoras que además viene con regalo, una nueva adición a su extenso garaje. En este ocasión se trata del McLaren 650S GT3.


El 650S GT3 es bólido de última generación de McLaren, diseñado y optimizado para competir en los campeonatos de GT3 en todo el mundo. Desde su debut en 2015 el 650S GT3 ha recopilado varios campeonatos y victorias en todo el mundo, convirtiéndose en uno de los coches GT3 más exitosos hasta la fecha.
Con un chasis monocélula de fibra de carbono y el galardonado motor V8 Twin Turbo de 3,8 litros en su corazón, esta evolución del altamente exitoso 12C GT3, mejora a su predecesor en casi todos los aspectos, desde aerodinámica y manejo, a seguridad y refrigeración. El resultado es un coche con una gran presencia y la versatilidad necesaria para ser competitivo en todo tipo de circuitos y en gran variedad de condiciones de pista.

A continuación el changelog completo de la actualización:

-Added McLaren 650S GT3 which is now available in the store.


  • Data displays:
    • Fixed wrong color of delta and laptime on some of the new data displays.
    • Fixed an issue where Low Fuel warning on data display screen wasn’t going away.
    • Fixed an issue on cars with new data displays where the compact HUD rev lights had issues when not using cockpit cam.
    • Enabled tire temperature even when tirewear is disabled.
    • Added speed limited revlight blinking to old data displays.
    • Citroen data display had a typo in “Brake balance”
    • Fixed issue with displays sometimes showing data for wrong car when “show opponent cockpits” was enabled.
    • Various other fixes and tweaks to existing displays.
  • Flag system:
    • Fixed yellow flag appearing during private Qualifying.
    • Fixed White flag appearing in MP Qualifying session that used rolling start.
    • Fixed an issue in a race with additional lap, checkered flag was showing when timer reached zero and at end of additional lap.
    • Fixed an issue where an illegal overtake under yellow followed by a retirement of the overtaken car would result in the impossibility to give the position back
    • Fixed an issue where checkered flag did not appear for final lap in MP server with flag rules enabled.
    • Time allowed to give a position back after an illegal overtake increased from 15 to 30 seconds
    • Yellow flag now triggers for cars at 20% of their predicted speed ( was 10% )
    • White flag trigger now requires a car to be 70 kph under its predicted speed (was 30) The other trigger condition remains at 40% of its predicted speed.
  • Fixed 2 Race Format only saving replay of second race.
  • Fixed Multiple Race format giving overall results that did not count points.
  • Re-enabled allowing turning shadow split off after some potential issues reported with AMD Crossfire.
  • Possible fix for the issue where some players, depending on setup had their input frozen.
  • Added some logging when initializing texture and setting video mode.
  • Added a new startup argument for disabling TrackIR. -disableTrackIR can now be added in Steam Launch Options.
  • Slow down penalty throttle limitation doesn’t get activated immediately anymore, but waits until the player applies some brake. This also fixes occurrences of penalties triggering heavy lift oversteer on FWD cars.


  • Added handling for more JOIN_FAIL messages so error messages are more specific.
  • Fixed so join request timeouts are correctly reported as a timeout instead of generic lost connection message.
  • Added some fixes when on occasion, connections were not dropping when leaving sessions.
  • Changed so client doesn’t respond to ping requests unless connected or trying to join.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • Citroen WTCC 2016 has received a slight increase in engine torque at low to med rpm.


  • Audi TT cup cars have a new display
  • Audi DTM 2016 finally has its new display

Backend & Portal:

  • Fixed top Leaderboard banner in competitions not scaling properly.
  • Fixed a minor alignment issue with VIP drivers description box in Portal.
  • Fixed exit “x” button on partner page section clipping with the page and looking out of place.
  • Fixed facebook section in partner page overlapping with top banner.
  • Some fixes to the redeem popup in portal.
  • Fixed error 13 some players were receiving after exiting wtcc championship round 1.
  • Fixed so players from USA and Canada get USD as default currency instead of the global default EUR.


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