Muchas dudas e incertidumbre sobre el futuro de Assetto Corsa y Kunos habían sido despertadas tras la noticia que dábamos acerca de la venta de Kunos Simulazioni a Digital Bros.

Ante tanto revuelo, Marco Massarutto cofundador de Kunos, realizaba un pequeño comunicado a través de su facebook, en el que aclaraba que ahora ya como asalariados de Digital Bros, seguían al frente del proyecto de Assetto Corsa, manteniento las mismas políticas, estrategias, objetivos… que hasta el día de hoy.

La imagen puede contener: una persona, sentada, pantalla, oficina, mesa e interior

Os mostramos el comunicado:

Ok, let’s clarify this before it becomes the bigger flame of the year.

By today, Kunos Simulazioni is part of Digital Bros Family, and me and Stefano by today are shareholders of Digital Bros. That’s it. We are still the founders of Kunos, we are still IN, also keeping our respective positions and responsabilities, with just few exceptions: the budget we’ll manage by now doesn’t come anymore from our personal profits, but from Digital Bros, our bigger AC fan. Keeping the same policy, strategies, DNA, development team, goals. So, if this news would not been made public, you couldn’t realize that something is changed, because – by a gamer/simracer point of view – nothing is going to change.

The reason why this news comes like a bombshell is because Digital Bros is a listed company, therefore this kind of operation must a) kept confidential until the negotiation is over, b) go public when is done. That’s it.

For whom are afraid that today a piece of their simracing world has gone, let me remind them that Digital Bros has published – under its label 505Games – the console version of Assetto Corsa, and it doesn’t seem to me that AC on PS4/XB1 is an arcade game: definetely it isn’t. Therefore, before to scream in any direction that «Kunos has been bought, The World is Over», please sit down, breath and think. Because the only news you should be interested is that by today, we have more resources, time and power to do our job, even better than before.

So: think easier, live better, stay strong. The Future is Bright.

Have a nice weekend

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