Esta semana Sector 3 Studios liberaba el ya anunciado circuito del Gelleråsen, Karlskoga Motorstadion, que viene a ser el primero de los tres trazados escandinavos que RaceRoom añadirá a su lista durante las próximas fechas. Con 2.4 km de longitud, actualmente acoge carreras como la Porsche Carrera Cup (PCC) o el Campeonato Escandinavo de Turismos (STCC) Scandinavian. Podrás adquirirlo por 2.98€.

Así mismo, el simulador sufre una actualización con varios fix y mejoras.

Changelog completo:


  • Fixed so the aspect ratio and the resolution option dynamically updates and only shows the supported settings of the currently selected monitor.
  • Fixed mouse going offset for the menu after changing the resolution.
  • Fixed so the minimum refresh rate is 59 and fixed a Direct-X resolution related crash.
  • Fixed issue with the game not resetting back to the old monitor if the player didn’t apply video settings.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur due to spring based range lock failing to initialize.
  • Fixed an issue with new data displays not showing laps remaining when race has a laps based duration.
  • Fixed an issue with new data displays showing wrong text if fuel usage is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the free flight camera speed was not affecting the camera tilt.


  • Fixed dedi crash that was occurring when people disconnected from race session without finishing at least one lap. This was causing people to get – kicked out to the lobby without seeing the race result.
  • Fixed the issue with players never receiving a penalty for ignoring mandatory pit stops in MP.

Sounds and Cameras:

  • BMW M6 GT3 – Adjusted sound balance for more presence of the engine


  • Bentley Continental GT3 – Adjusted steering wheel/ column position
  • Bentley Continental GT3 – Adjusted steering wheel/ column position
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior – Fixed some pixels bleeding from the outside into the cockpit of livery #20

Portal and Back-end:

  • Fixed so the currency preference of the player is saved on logout.
  • Fixed an issue where linked content discount was not applying so the linked car was appearing at full price.
  • Fixed essential packs showing twice in the storefront.




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