Reiza Studios vuelve a la carga con una nueva actualización de Automobilista y muchas novedades. Entre ellas destaca la ya anunciada DLC de las Formula Truck Series brasileiras, las más competitivas y espectaculares del mundo. Puedes adquirir esta expansión en la tienda de steam:

Formula Dirt Series

No obstante, la sorpresa no llegaba por ahí, sino por la introducción de las series Formula Dirt junto al nuevo circuito de Ascurra, y todo ello como contenido gratuito.

A continuación el changelog completo:



  • Modified & incremented Caterham series structure & associated customizations – now includes 270R Road, Academy (previously 270R), Supersport, 360R Road, Superlight Standard, Superlight Sequential (previously 360R), 620R Road (previously 620R) (AVAILABLE ONLY FOR OWNERS OF BRIT PACK AND / OR SEASON PASS)
  • Added Formula Dirt Series


  • Added Ascurra Dirt Track
  • Added Extra custom Formula Truck track layouts

Features & Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing AI cars to take on full fuel tanks in timed races rather than properly estimating the right amount
  • Added a function to prevent AI cars from taking fuel in pitstops when the series does not allow refuelling
  • Adjusted points system for F3, Super V8, Boxer Cup, Supertruck, F-Trainer series
  • Added option to customize number of warnings (range 0-100) for track limit violations before penalty is triggered (options both in-game & Dedi tool)
  • Added support for Formula Truck Speed Trap rules (switch on and off from rules menu)
  • Tripled range for in-car seat adjustment
  • Fixed bug which could cause disappearing UI elements in Multiplayer screen
  • Disabled option to turn Hardware plugins on/off from in-game
  • Further adjustments to AI to reduce their aggression & improve awareness in close racing conditions
  • Tweaked chassis ground scraping sound in Formula cars
  • New samples & code developments for several sound effects – traction control, tire rolling / scrubbing / skidding, wind & chassis floor scraping
  • Fixed issues with sound effect from hitting suspension bumpstops
  • Adjustments to session UI & showroom to better suit F-Trucks
  • Globally reduced tolerance for rev mismatch in manual gear shifts (should allow less clutchless shifts in manual boxes)
  • Adjusted drag coefficients from various aero elements in formula cars
  • F-V12: Slightly revised internal engine sounds
  • F-3: Added configuration option for LCD and steering wheel type/ Fixed mirrors light exposure; adjusted mirror position; Added rev lights on steering wheel & mirrors for Tcam view; Adjusted fuel consumption
  • Opala: Revised starter & external engine sounds
  • Boxer Cup: Adjusted tire physics
  • F-V10: Sligthly improved AI performance
  • Ultima GTR: Adjusted rear damper rates & AI performance for road versions
  • Stock V8: Slightly tweaked tire lateral / longitudinal force combining
  • Montana: Slightly tweaked tire lateral / longitudinal force combining
  • Caterham: AI performance callibration; adjusted fuel consumption
  • Metalmoro: AI performance callibration
  • SuperV8: tire material correction
  • Lancer Rallycross: Added new Russia Team skin; Adjusted AI performance
  • Karting: Adjusted kart tires & AI performance
  • F-Vintage: fixed wheel collision detection; Adjusted front tire load sensitivity


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